House of Cards Season 5 : Dialing up the Terror

House of Cards – The TV series, keeps getting creepier and ruthlessly pragmatic with each successive season. Since its first telecast in 2013, the political drama has garnered millions of  fans world wide, who are all awaiting to see what happens next to our protagonist – Frank Underwood.

Viewers have already witnessed an unprecedented rise of a lowly housed majority whip as United States’ Vice President, a presidential impeachment and subsequent appointment of our Senator from South Carolina to the democratic throne. All of this without a single vote being cast in his name.

Democracy is so over-rated.

Everything from manipulations to murders have been very craftily dramatised by Beau Willimon to pave Frank’s road to power, filled with hypocrisy and a lot of casualties.


After a long hiatus, the political intrigue and cut-throat betrayal is back on our TV sets with the latest season of  ‘House of Cards’, exposing the dank heart of Washington DC.

“Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!” Don’t forget to take your dose of politics on time.


**WARNING : Minor Spoilers Ahead**

The stakes have been high before and there has always been a lot to lose but things have never been this shaky. Underwood’s America is under constant threat from ICO (fictional counterpart of ISIS) and with Conway and Hammerschmidt breathing down Frank’s neck, chaos in administration is just amplified.

There’s an election in the backdrop as Season 5 begins,Claire taking the centre-stage this time as Frank’s running mate. Episode 1 begins with Claire using the Frank’s signature style of talking to audiences, giving her candid viewpoint on the situation of America, shocking the viewers in the first act of the episode itself.

Another icy chill runs down the spine in the very next scene where Frank is seen standing in the session of Congress shouting ” I will not yield, Madame Speaker. I will not yield !!!” with Seargent at arms right beside him. Do watch the episode on Zee Café to know the proceedings and details of the parliamentary session.

With travel bans and executive orders being issued by Frank, in later part of the episode, there seems to be a parallel drawn between fiction and reality of the current US political landscape.

Most of the first episode revolves around the funeral of American patriot “Jim Miller” and the witch-hunt started by FBI for arresting Joshua Masterson. The power couple seems to be using terror and fear in the nation to fulfil their own agendas.

The episode also shows a grieving mother, a FBI raid on a bunker and finally Frank greeting the crowd outside the White House. There is also a hint of an upcoming war as the proposal for Declaration of war seems on cards. There are also sequences which hint at Pollyhop and NSA hacking coming to light in the next few episodes.

Do tune into the regime of terror beginning today at 5PM at Zee Café for real action. #HOConZCafe. I’ll leave you readers with this teaser image without revealing any more details. Happy Watching !!!


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