#ColgateMagicalStories : Weaving magic and dreams to stories

I still remember those childhood days of mine, when watching Discovery channels’ shows on Nasa and moon missions were the favorite pass-time. These shows use to fill my my naive mind with thoughts of new universe and aliens and stories of other far off planets. Letting my imagination run wild at times, made me ask questions which no adult had answers to. Sometimes, these fantasies made me scribble stories about the amazing life of these outer space planets and creatures that inhabit them.

When we are kids, everything seems feasible. This is the best part about childhood and the real reason why kids are so much creative and have amazing out-of-the box ideas. One such opportunity, which seemed straight out of my childhood  captured my attention a few weeks ago, when Blogadda and Colgate tied up to create an unique campaign called #ColgateMagicalStories. This included trying the freshly released colgate packs with the new bloomers to carve out a story about Magical Space Adventures.

The Colgate “Magical Space Adventure” has three different sets based on the ‘Magical Space’ theme to cut, play and learn – explore the mystical Alien Planet, float around the zero gravity Space Walk and experience the thrilling Space Launch. With more than 15 space characters, these packs will take kids on an adventurous journey into the magical space world. These packs are an opportunity to learn while having fun. The kids can create their own secret universe thereby expanding their creative canvas.

My Cute 8 year old Niece and I sat together opening these packs of Colgate arrived in the morning mail and cutting out the packs, she assembled those 3-d structures of Aliens, space-ships and rockets while naming those aliens straight out of  Star Wars saga. The kids of this generation are far too smart and quick , I wonder when she watched Star Wars and learned those character names.

upload1 kid



As per the story weaved by Ananya, first image is about the  bad aliens who come from a planet where the king sends their foot soldiers with ghost type aliens to capture and bring other planets for the king Galactus to control. He is a power greedy king who wants to be the master of entire universe. Those planets who choose not to obey him, he destroys them through the aliens with the ability to carry out poisonous gas attacks.

While the second image details a planet called Captiva where these bad aliens and foot soldier land to find out that inhabitants of Captiva are well prepared for a trans-galatic attack.Even before the gaseous alien could begin attack, the orange soldier- Obuoy, fights the foot soldier with his years of training and fire weapon experience. While the team of robots – Circular robot Gyro and Green Army Robot – Big Head eliminates the poison from gases of the alien. To send a message to the Galactus, to never return back to Captiva for such an attempt again, Obuoy sends his these dead attackers in their spaceship back to Galactus.

I was simply spell-bound to hear how my 8 year old niece came up with such a logical and coherent story which used all the characters and ended on a positive note. She has a real potential to be a great story-writer someday. As soon as I praised her for her efforts, she started dancing and soon ran away to find some other source to keep her  engaged.


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Luxury Re-defined: The Lalit, Stay Experience of a Lifetime

It was the 1st of January,this year, when I received a phone call from a long lost school friend. Hearing from your old pals is liberating to say the least. I was hoping it would be just a new year wishes call, which would supposedly lead us winding in a brewery,  reminiscing “The Days of our Lives“.

As a matter of fact, it turned out to be something much more important. My childhood buddy was getting hitched this month !!! Like seriously, but when, how, why ?? To be honest, it was more of shock and awe then happiness, which soon started to sink in. In a semi-happy and semi-shaky voice, he said, “I have very little time time of bachelorhood left. It’s all planned for 28th Jan in The Lalit, Mumbai. Hoping to catch our whole gang there.”


The gang reunited, not physically at one location tough, but via a conference call on skype, discussing how to help with wedding arrangements and logistics and all, but the reality kicked in when we realized that with over 50,000 sq. ft. of luxurious banquet hall, The Lalit, Andheri, Mumbai, is one of the most coveted venues in the city. The 8,100 sq. ft. pillar-less Majestic Ballroom with its plush vibrant carpeting, high ceilings and regal dark-wood doors makes it a complete package in itself. When we evaluated the venue and arrangement which Team Lalit offered, we realized that there was hardly any value, which we naive 25 year old’s could have added.


Forum’s wood-paneled, pillared room is great for weddings, conferences or breakaway sessions, while the Royal & Regal Rooms are more suited to smaller private functions. The vivid artwork and decorative chandeliers add the aesthetic touch to the otherwise 5- star room, equipped with the most modern facilities. The gals of the gang were awe-stuck to hear that sangeet ceremony would be held by the poolside with cocktails on a lovely winter evening. 


The best part about choosing The Lalit, as venue was that it is situated at just 10 minutes walk to the Mumbai airport, so none of the out-station guests had any worries of loosing their whereabouts in excess human supply of Mumbai. This deluxe 5-star luxury hotel not only offered a wide range of superior amenities, it even provided for a pick and drop limousine service from airport to hotel. Apart from family-friendly facilities, with room layouts and services for both large and small families, the stay included unlimited access to a kids pool and supervised child care/activities. During their entire stay duration at The Lalit, guests can dine at Baluchi and a drink at Beluga. Eateries at the hotel include Delicatessen and Trendz.

This was our first experience at such a luxurious wedding, all courtesy the amazing ambiance and facilities we had during our stay. Though we lost a good friend to a charming young woman, this year, we wish him best for his new innings in this game of life. Have a happy and prosperous life, my friend. Kudos !!!

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  • Let me know in the comment section, if you too plan on getting married soon. I would love to pay my last respects to your bachelorhood  😛
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Game of Blogs by Six Degrees: Book Review

One should always remember that every book that one holds in his hands have a few stories attached to it. Some of these are stories of passion, while some books speak volumes about their protagonist. This blog-post is about the review of one such collaborative effort from 30 of the finest of the storytellers across India , who came together to weave 3 fantastic stories as a part of this book published by Leadstart and bloagadda.com.

Sometime in 2014, these 30 creativity masters were given 5 fictional characters and their descriptions with an objective to write a fictional story revolving around these characters. After 3 rounds of brainstorming and twists and turns, the three stories of Game of Blogs came to an end.


Shekhar Dutta – The freelancing writer dad  who stays in Mumbai.

Tara Dutta – Shekhar’s wife who is a media professional.

Roohi Dutta – Shekhar and Tara’s little daughter.

Jennifer Joseph –  Christian photographer settled in Kochi.

Cyrus Daruwala – The law student staying in Delhi.


Story 1: The Awakening

An amalgam of science,mysticism and fiction, this story written by  Team “By Lines” is about alien invasion of the planet Earth and its connection with Dutta family. Not only the story is fast paced and engrossing, the way it keeps the suspense unrevealed  makes it a fabulous read. The writers have succeeded in keeping the readers glued till the very end. As the story progresses, new mysteries keep on happening which ultimately links as a major potential threat to human species. So who will save the earth from ozone depletion ? Will there be a divine intervention ?  Read the book to know..

Story 2: Entangled Lives

This murder mystery is the most expressive among the three stories. Fabulous work “Team Potliwale Baba” The murder of Dutta family’s maid in their house raises a suspicion on everyone present at home during the time of the incident including the two strangers. What could be the purpose of such a painful death ? What did that poor lady do to deserve such an end ?  Who among them could possibly have a motive to kill her ? The title of the story truly depicts how all these lives  are indeed entangled.
Story 3: Missing – A Journey Within
A different perspective and an unique style of narration. Some path-breaking work by team Tete-a-Ten. As one can judge from the title itself, this story is about someone who goes missing. When suddenly one day, the apple of the eye for Dutta family- their beloved  daughter “Roohi” goes missing, the parents realize how are going to live now, after-all she was their everything. It narrated the story of their perplexing search while exploring homosexuality and the social stigma associated with it. This story is undoubtedly one of the best narrative and did proper justice to the characters and plot. Kudos Team Tete-a-Ten.
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Price: Rs. 349
Pages: 422
Six degrees is a result how collaboration can truly breed creativity in the modern world of connected living.
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Share The Load : Let’s make odd, even

When the national capital of India could adopt the Odd Even rule and execute it so perfectly that Delhi slides down from its dubious distinction of from being most polluted city in less than a month, how far can Indian households stay behind ?

Kudos to Ariel and Blogadda for blowing the whistle of change to where it matters the most, an average Indian’s home. #LaundryGoesOddEven is an initiative to share the mundane work of a daily household equally by both the genders with its primary focus on Laundry. I was really moved when I first saw the TV commercial of a dad visiting her daughter’s family to realize how gender inequality exists even amidst the most educated and elite classes of society and no-one ever stands to change it. Here is the link, in-case you haven’t seen the eye-opening video yet:

And to my surprise, I saw the chance on Blogadda’s homepage to take forward this unique initiative by involving my own family to the cause and hence after my walk home from office 2 days back, I asked my father to help mom in the daily laundry work that she has proudly done for so so many years on her own.

It felt good, as in real-real good to speak to my father on this issue, at the same time he was both assuring and pleased to hear those words from me. A part of him was so happy that I had such a mature thought, all thanks to Blogadda for the much needed push. He has indeed spoken about this practice of odd even laundry days to his morning walk buddies and motivated them to start as well. Here is a picture of him doing the morning ritual :

I would conclude this blog-post with the hope that this trend of sharing the work and the message of gender equality (both at work and home) reaches the masses and it kindles a revolution of support and equality among men and women in all segments of life. #LongLiveOddEven

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The Refreshing start to Morning: Colgate 360 (Product Review)

Wake up in the morning they said, you won’t be a dull boy they said. Ahh… wish in adult life as well people remain morning wakers. Most people I know, still prefer to wake up  at noon after-all. I guess a brand finally understood the need of such people and developed a morning inspiration for these late bloomers.

A day started with laziness would for sure affect performance in rest of your day’s work , making it indeed a dull day. Whereas mornings which begin with fresh mood carry a positive vibe within throughout the day.


Let me take pleasure in introducing you to the world of effortless brushing with Colgate 360° Charcoal gold. This one of its kind innovative product by Colgate comes with 17 times slimmer tip bristles. Super smoothly sliding between the teeth and gum-line, it kills germs at God-Speed. And that is not just germs, but those hidden bacteria as well. Now, it is something bound to make you feel fresh, far more than your average mundane  brushing experience.

It was after this experience with one of its kind toothbrush in the hugely static category of nearly no innovation for decades, Colgate have launched a product which is sure to make many adults fall in love with brushing twice a day again.

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Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Ravi Subramanian’s 8 book, “The Bestseller She Wrote” makes up for a decent read if are on the look for a relaxed, chilled out reading material. It took me a week to finish the 390 page narration, devoting 2-3 dedicated hours to it. It is soon going to be a bollywood motion picture as well, that’s what the cover says at least. Hope these Bollywood folks don’t take the essence of the book away while filming those intimate scenes between the protagonists, which seem to be the major selling point of this novel.The plot of this story is a romantic intrigue mixed with the desire of getting famous by a newbie in the field of Book Writing, which is different than his past books, most of which were centered around banking industry.

The plot is a bit predictable midway through the book but then it becomes somewhat thrilling again and ends with Aditya Kapoor sorting his life around, clearing all the mess which Shreya dragged him into. The story roams around IIM-B, placement season, fight for the Chancellor’s Gold Medal, relationships – both legit and illegit, it’s impact on Aditya’s career and then ebola affecting the wife of the banker turned author and his realization of the mistake made. The Pace at which the book moves is quick and the language used is written keeping in mind the standard of Indian readers. Ravi’s experience in book writing is pretty much evident by how well he has used some of the marketing gimmicks within the book. I must say that way a lesson is sales for me as well. Provided my only takeaway from this fictional story of love, betrayal and redemption.


Receiving a signed copy from an author is the best experience for any book lover and when someone receive it for free because of the association with Blogadda.com it is an icing on the cake. Cover of the book is really amazing and I am sure much thought has been put on the same.

Quoting from the epilogue “He was a bestseller.  She wanted him to make her one. Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor life is straight out of a modern man’s fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak. Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author. What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained? Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protege. The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption. “


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Pages: 390

Cost: Rs. 295/-

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Pune: The Perfect Blend of Design, Drive and Connection

It’s war. The Zonal War. And when it’s war, you stand up for where you belong to, for the city which gave you shelter at night, enriched your body from its food and provided you opportunities to grow and prosper.


When it’s clear what side you are on, half the battle is already won. In this war among the zones, I choose to stand for the 101st largest city in the world, the cultural capital of Maharashtra and fastest growing city of Asia-Pacific region: Pune.

 Pune is the perfect blend of modernity and the age-old rich culture and tradition.Fondly called as the Oxford of the East, the city takes pride in its enriched and evolved educational facilities with 400+ colleges and thousands of students flying in every year. It has majorly Marathi culture, which lays emphasis on education, arts and crafts, music, and theater. This place has fostered a holistic development for its inhabitants by retaining the traditional values of the great Peshwas while imbibing the modernistic cosmopolitan influence of Mumbai. Pune is indeed the perfect mix of Design, Drive and Connection that one can ask for in a city.



From some of the finest architecturally designed IT parks to the age old temples and monuments, the element of design is so much evident in the city that one at times pauses to reflect upon its beauty and magnificence.

Attractions like rock-cut Pataleshwar cave temple, Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwarwada and Sinhagad fort speak volumes about the legacy of the inhabitants that city have had in the last century. Shivaji maharaj had designed several forts along the periphery of the city in such a way so as to keep guard from the top while making it impossible for the enemy to even touch the beauty the city boasts about.

Great architects like B.V.Doshi, Achyut Kanvinde, and Christopher Charles Benninger have made this city their home contributing heavily to its marvels. Modern master pieces in Pune include the IUCAA by Correa and a number of campuses by Benninger, including his studio complex called India House. His award winning campuses include the Mahindra United World College of India, the YMCA Campsite at Mulshi, the Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, and Suzlon One Earth. Design of the public gardens such as the Kamala Nehru Park, Sambhaji Park Shahu Udyan, Peshwe Park, Saras Baug, Empress Garden, Taljai Hills, and Bund Garden is comparable to some of its counterparts in Europe and West.


What more should one say about the city  which has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the World. The city is  known for its traffic density in India, still the entire city is accessible with a maximum time span of an hour. Pune Airport is an international Airport at Lohegaon, operated by the Airports Authority of India. It shares its runways with the neighbouring Indian Air Force base.

The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is responsible for the design and construction of a New Pune International Airport. With the construction of this new International Airport, Pune city will be connected to many important international destinations such as London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India’s first six-lane high-speed expressway, was built in 2002, and has reduced travel time between Pune and Mumbai to almost two hours. This expressway drives the flow of modernization into the old-school city.

The Pune Metro system has been proposed and is being planned in consultation with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, the corporation which built and operates the Delhi Metro. It will be a combination of elevated and underground sections, with initial routes being planned between Pimpri-Swargate and Vanaz-Ramwadi.This multi-faceted transportation system drives the city and keeps it alive be it during Ganesh Utsav or Eid.


The city bonds over fine food with international sports and world-class theater artists performing and making the lives of the localities more fulfilling and enriched.

The Pune International Marathon is an annual Marathon conducted in Pune. The 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Pune.


From Cricket to Football, badminton to Tennis, Pune has its name in all major sports. With streets like FC road and up-society places like Koregaon Park, one is never in dearth of spots for partying. Penthouze, Club Miami, High Spirits Cafe, Cafe 1730, Area 51, Hard Rock Cafe are just a few name of the places which remain alive and thriving till midnight. Pune International Film Festival is also very well known all over the world.

Amid so much fun and a majority of youth crowd, the number of ways people connect with the city is countless and many of them fall in love with it so much that they make it their permanent residence.


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