Luxury Re-defined: The Lalit, Stay Experience of a Lifetime

It was the 1st of January,this year, when I received a phone call from a long lost school friend. Hearing from your old pals is liberating to say the least. I was hoping it would be just a new year wishes call, which would supposedly lead us winding in a brewery,  reminiscing “The Days of our Lives“.

As a matter of fact, it turned out to be something much more important. My childhood buddy was getting hitched this month !!! Like seriously, but when, how, why ?? To be honest, it was more of shock and awe then happiness, which soon started to sink in. In a semi-happy and semi-shaky voice, he said, “I have very little time time of bachelorhood left. It’s all planned for 28th Jan in The Lalit, Mumbai. Hoping to catch our whole gang there.”


The gang reunited, not physically at one location tough, but via a conference call on skype, discussing how to help with wedding arrangements and logistics and all, but the reality kicked in when we realized that with over 50,000 sq. ft. of luxurious banquet hall, The Lalit, Andheri, Mumbai, is one of the most coveted venues in the city. The 8,100 sq. ft. pillar-less Majestic Ballroom with its plush vibrant carpeting, high ceilings and regal dark-wood doors makes it a complete package in itself. When we evaluated the venue and arrangement which Team Lalit offered, we realized that there was hardly any value, which we naive 25 year old’s could have added.


Forum’s wood-paneled, pillared room is great for weddings, conferences or breakaway sessions, while the Royal & Regal Rooms are more suited to smaller private functions. The vivid artwork and decorative chandeliers add the aesthetic touch to the otherwise 5- star room, equipped with the most modern facilities. The gals of the gang were awe-stuck to hear that sangeet ceremony would be held by the poolside with cocktails on a lovely winter evening. 


The best part about choosing The Lalit, as venue was that it is situated at just 10 minutes walk to the Mumbai airport, so none of the out-station guests had any worries of loosing their whereabouts in excess human supply of Mumbai. This deluxe 5-star luxury hotel not only offered a wide range of superior amenities, it even provided for a pick and drop limousine service from airport to hotel. Apart from family-friendly facilities, with room layouts and services for both large and small families, the stay included unlimited access to a kids pool and supervised child care/activities. During their entire stay duration at The Lalit, guests can dine at Baluchi and a drink at Beluga. Eateries at the hotel include Delicatessen and Trendz.

This was our first experience at such a luxurious wedding, all courtesy the amazing ambiance and facilities we had during our stay. Though we lost a good friend to a charming young woman, this year, we wish him best for his new innings in this game of life. Have a happy and prosperous life, my friend. Kudos !!!

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  • Let me know in the comment section, if you too plan on getting married soon. I would love to pay my last respects to your bachelorhood  😛
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Share The Load : Let’s make odd, even

When the national capital of India could adopt the Odd Even rule and execute it so perfectly that Delhi slides down from its dubious distinction of from being most polluted city in less than a month, how far can Indian households stay behind ?

Kudos to Ariel and Blogadda for blowing the whistle of change to where it matters the most, an average Indian’s home. #LaundryGoesOddEven is an initiative to share the mundane work of a daily household equally by both the genders with its primary focus on Laundry. I was really moved when I first saw the TV commercial of a dad visiting her daughter’s family to realize how gender inequality exists even amidst the most educated and elite classes of society and no-one ever stands to change it. Here is the link, in-case you haven’t seen the eye-opening video yet:

And to my surprise, I saw the chance on Blogadda’s homepage to take forward this unique initiative by involving my own family to the cause and hence after my walk home from office 2 days back, I asked my father to help mom in the daily laundry work that she has proudly done for so so many years on her own.

It felt good, as in real-real good to speak to my father on this issue, at the same time he was both assuring and pleased to hear those words from me. A part of him was so happy that I had such a mature thought, all thanks to Blogadda for the much needed push. He has indeed spoken about this practice of odd even laundry days to his morning walk buddies and motivated them to start as well. Here is a picture of him doing the morning ritual :

I would conclude this blog-post with the hope that this trend of sharing the work and the message of gender equality (both at work and home) reaches the masses and it kindles a revolution of support and equality among men and women in all segments of life. #LongLiveOddEven

‘I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’