Game of Blogs by Six Degrees: Book Review

One should always remember that every book that one holds in his hands have a few stories attached to it. Some of these are stories of passion, while some books speak volumes about their protagonist. This blog-post is about the review of one such collaborative effort from 30 of the finest of the storytellers across India , who came together to weave 3 fantastic stories as a part of this book published by Leadstart and

Sometime in 2014, these 30 creativity masters were given 5 fictional characters and their descriptions with an objective to write a fictional story revolving around these characters. After 3 rounds of brainstorming and twists and turns, the three stories of Game of Blogs came to an end.


Shekhar Dutta – The freelancing writer dad  who stays in Mumbai.

Tara Dutta – Shekhar’s wife who is a media professional.

Roohi Dutta – Shekhar and Tara’s little daughter.

Jennifer Joseph –  Christian photographer settled in Kochi.

Cyrus Daruwala – The law student staying in Delhi.


Story 1: The Awakening

An amalgam of science,mysticism and fiction, this story written by  Team “By Lines” is about alien invasion of the planet Earth and its connection with Dutta family. Not only the story is fast paced and engrossing, the way it keeps the suspense unrevealed  makes it a fabulous read. The writers have succeeded in keeping the readers glued till the very end. As the story progresses, new mysteries keep on happening which ultimately links as a major potential threat to human species. So who will save the earth from ozone depletion ? Will there be a divine intervention ?  Read the book to know..

Story 2: Entangled Lives

This murder mystery is the most expressive among the three stories. Fabulous work “Team Potliwale Baba” The murder of Dutta family’s maid in their house raises a suspicion on everyone present at home during the time of the incident including the two strangers. What could be the purpose of such a painful death ? What did that poor lady do to deserve such an end ?  Who among them could possibly have a motive to kill her ? The title of the story truly depicts how all these lives  are indeed entangled.
Story 3: Missing – A Journey Within
A different perspective and an unique style of narration. Some path-breaking work by team Tete-a-Ten. As one can judge from the title itself, this story is about someone who goes missing. When suddenly one day, the apple of the eye for Dutta family- their beloved  daughter “Roohi” goes missing, the parents realize how are going to live now, after-all she was their everything. It narrated the story of their perplexing search while exploring homosexuality and the social stigma associated with it. This story is undoubtedly one of the best narrative and did proper justice to the characters and plot. Kudos Team Tete-a-Ten.
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Price: Rs. 349
Pages: 422
Six degrees is a result how collaboration can truly breed creativity in the modern world of connected living.
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