The Refreshing start to Morning: Colgate 360 (Product Review)

Wake up in the morning they said, you won’t be a dull boy they said. Ahh… wish in adult life as well people remain morning wakers. Most people I know, still prefer to wake up  at noon after-all. I guess a brand finally understood the need of such people and developed a morning inspiration for these late bloomers.

A day started with laziness would for sure affect performance in rest of your day’s work , making it indeed a dull day. Whereas mornings which begin with fresh mood carry a positive vibe within throughout the day.


Let me take pleasure in introducing you to the world of effortless brushing with Colgate 360° Charcoal gold. This one of its kind innovative product by Colgate comes with 17 times slimmer tip bristles. Super smoothly sliding between the teeth and gum-line, it kills germs at God-Speed. And that is not just germs, but those hidden bacteria as well. Now, it is something bound to make you feel fresh, far more than your average mundane  brushing experience.

It was after this experience with one of its kind toothbrush in the hugely static category of nearly no innovation for decades, Colgate have launched a product which is sure to make many adults fall in love with brushing twice a day again.

Do visit to stay updated for even more Golden mornings!




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