Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Ravi Subramanian’s 8 book, “The Bestseller She Wrote” makes up for a decent read if are on the look for a relaxed, chilled out reading material. It took me a week to finish the 390 page narration, devoting 2-3 dedicated hours to it. It is soon going to be a bollywood motion picture as well, that’s what the cover says at least. Hope these Bollywood folks don’t take the essence of the book away while filming those intimate scenes between the protagonists, which seem to be the major selling point of this novel.The plot of this story is a romantic intrigue mixed with the desire of getting famous by a newbie in the field of Book Writing, which is different than his past books, most of which were centered around banking industry.

The plot is a bit predictable midway through the book but then it becomes somewhat thrilling again and ends with Aditya Kapoor sorting his life around, clearing all the mess which Shreya dragged him into. The story roams around IIM-B, placement season, fight for the Chancellor’s Gold Medal, relationships – both legit and illegit, it’s impact on Aditya’s career and then ebola affecting the wife of the banker turned author and his realization of the mistake made. The Pace at which the book moves is quick and the language used is written keeping in mind the standard of Indian readers. Ravi’s experience in book writing is pretty much evident by how well he has used some of the marketing gimmicks within the book. I must say that way a lesson is sales for me as well. Provided my only takeaway from this fictional story of love, betrayal and redemption.


Receiving a signed copy from an author is the best experience for any book lover and when someone receive it for free because of the association with it is an icing on the cake. Cover of the book is really amazing and I am sure much thought has been put on the same.

Quoting from the epilogue “He was a bestseller.  She wanted him to make her one. Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor life is straight out of a modern man’s fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak. Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author. What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained? Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protege. The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption. “


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Pages: 390

Cost: Rs. 295/-

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!!!


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