Pune: The Perfect Blend of Design, Drive and Connection

It’s war. The Zonal War. And when it’s war, you stand up for where you belong to, for the city which gave you shelter at night, enriched your body from its food and provided you opportunities to grow and prosper.


When it’s clear what side you are on, half the battle is already won. In this war among the zones, I choose to stand for the 101st largest city in the world, the cultural capital of Maharashtra and fastest growing city of Asia-Pacific region: Pune.

 Pune is the perfect blend of modernity and the age-old rich culture and tradition.Fondly called as the Oxford of the East, the city takes pride in its enriched and evolved educational facilities with 400+ colleges and thousands of students flying in every year. It has majorly Marathi culture, which lays emphasis on education, arts and crafts, music, and theater. This place has fostered a holistic development for its inhabitants by retaining the traditional values of the great Peshwas while imbibing the modernistic cosmopolitan influence of Mumbai. Pune is indeed the perfect mix of Design, Drive and Connection that one can ask for in a city.



From some of the finest architecturally designed IT parks to the age old temples and monuments, the element of design is so much evident in the city that one at times pauses to reflect upon its beauty and magnificence.

Attractions like rock-cut Pataleshwar cave temple, Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwarwada and Sinhagad fort speak volumes about the legacy of the inhabitants that city have had in the last century. Shivaji maharaj had designed several forts along the periphery of the city in such a way so as to keep guard from the top while making it impossible for the enemy to even touch the beauty the city boasts about.

Great architects like B.V.Doshi, Achyut Kanvinde, and Christopher Charles Benninger have made this city their home contributing heavily to its marvels. Modern master pieces in Pune include the IUCAA by Correa and a number of campuses by Benninger, including his studio complex called India House. His award winning campuses include the Mahindra United World College of India, the YMCA Campsite at Mulshi, the Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, and Suzlon One Earth. Design of the public gardens such as the Kamala Nehru Park, Sambhaji Park Shahu Udyan, Peshwe Park, Saras Baug, Empress Garden, Taljai Hills, and Bund Garden is comparable to some of its counterparts in Europe and West.


What more should one say about the city  which has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the World. The city is  known for its traffic density in India, still the entire city is accessible with a maximum time span of an hour. Pune Airport is an international Airport at Lohegaon, operated by the Airports Authority of India. It shares its runways with the neighbouring Indian Air Force base.

The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is responsible for the design and construction of a New Pune International Airport. With the construction of this new International Airport, Pune city will be connected to many important international destinations such as London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India’s first six-lane high-speed expressway, was built in 2002, and has reduced travel time between Pune and Mumbai to almost two hours. This expressway drives the flow of modernization into the old-school city.

The Pune Metro system has been proposed and is being planned in consultation with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, the corporation which built and operates the Delhi Metro. It will be a combination of elevated and underground sections, with initial routes being planned between Pimpri-Swargate and Vanaz-Ramwadi.This multi-faceted transportation system drives the city and keeps it alive be it during Ganesh Utsav or Eid.


The city bonds over fine food with international sports and world-class theater artists performing and making the lives of the localities more fulfilling and enriched.

The Pune International Marathon is an annual Marathon conducted in Pune. The 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Pune.


From Cricket to Football, badminton to Tennis, Pune has its name in all major sports. With streets like FC road and up-society places like Koregaon Park, one is never in dearth of spots for partying. Penthouze, Club Miami, High Spirits Cafe, Cafe 1730, Area 51, Hard Rock Cafe are just a few name of the places which remain alive and thriving till midnight. Pune International Film Festival is also very well known all over the world.

Amid so much fun and a majority of youth crowd, the number of ways people connect with the city is countless and many of them fall in love with it so much that they make it their permanent residence.


This post is a part of #madeofgreat zonal war campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Pune: The Perfect Blend of Design, Drive and Connection

  1. Oh my, I always thought Pune to be a small city. Well, i went there just once long back for an interview.

    It is amazing reading so much that this vibrant city has to offer and its enormity to an extent that it figures among the largest in the world!
    I guess it is better to be in Pune than Mumbai, that i wrote about.

    • Hey Alok, Pune is really a fascinating city which has its own charm. I am not sure whether it’s better than Mumbai or not. Mumbai is the business capital of the country, it offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to people, I believe. 🙂

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