Travel Lite, Stay Easy : Stayzilla – Making Room for New


       Easier said than done right ?

“Experience is far more valuable than money could ever be”.

This saying has stayed true for ages now. For a culture, which has its ancient texts quoting “Athithi Devo Bhavo” how could they not value all what travel adds to the depth of a person. But this modern day life struggles, doesn’t let it happen. People have forgotten what it is like to have Visitors. How to open their houses up for all those who matter and not think about the cost. As people from smaller cities have moved in metros, this concept of having guests has gone awry.

This led to the evolution of a completely new concept : Travel with your buddies, have days of your lives but find your own place to crash at the end of the day. While you remain busy making forever lasting memories, what you shouldn’t worry about is searching a place for the good night sleep. To the rescue rises from the plethora of android applications, an app with exquisiteness blended with some great UI design and a database of all the comfy spots of the city: StayZilla !!!stayzilla2

StayZilla was introduced to me through the IndiBlogger’s initiative: BNLF, and I haven’t been able to get over with this unique one of its kind service. Stayzilla is essentially a one stop solution for all your stay needs. Be it the interactive design of application’s interface or be it the chat option of speaking to the customer care with no need to dial any numbers or waiting for raised incidents for resolution, the application stays class apart from all its Competitors. Apart from that, stayzilla also provides the option to list out your property for rent to visitors. Here are some screenshots :

chat        Go StayZilla Go                guest

As and when you download the Stayzilla app, you have to register on it. Registering with Facebook is the easiest possible way. With a niche strategy of focusing only on ‘stays, Stayzilla offers over 35,000 ‘Stays’ across 4000+ cities in India. This is a database that surpasses anything else what other similar startups are trying to achieve. Here is a video to conclude:


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