Univercell Sync : Syncing Life to Evolving Technology

In this rapidly changing technology world, be it smartphones or tablets; requirements and demands of tech enthusiasts evolves faster than the brands can deliver. That’s the reason competition between brands has evolved to such a great extent.

In these changing times, the need of consumers  is a store that provides them with hands on experience and technical insight about the competitive products within their price range so as to understand what features is their hard earned money delivering them.

This need of delivering enhanced user experience is very well understood and tapped by Univercell Sync. Univercell Sync is a chain of 14 experience stores where a prospective customer can gets hands on  all latest models of mobiles, cameras and tablets, take pictures, get them printed, choose appropriate accessories for the device and avail a plethora of after sales services. This experience is enhanced by a wide range of smartphones properly arranged in following categories: Camera, Music and Work. Now comes the part what makes Univercell better than its online counterparts:


Sync Squad : This is one of its kind customer relationship service that never before existed in the technology sector. It not just provides after sales support but provides proper expertise such as applications according to the user’s need, car-smartphone pairing service and the team from Sync Squad visits the phone buyers to help the customers in personalizing their gadgets. This kind of after sales service can any day beat sales records that these online stores boast about. Thanks a lot Indiblogger for making me visit such a modern day store that offered me an insight that how much has the concept of Customer Relationship in India has evolved.

Beside the smartphones and tablets section there was a separate Music Counter, Bazar Section, Photo Section, Latest Arrival Section, which respectively offered headphones and Speakers, Low Range Phones, camera and latest in technology market stuff.


To stay in touch with what all new stuff Univercell Sync is coming up with download their Android Application  from Google play store : “UniverCell Mobile” or visit http://www.univercell.in/mobile-app .


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