An Impromptu Weekend Party

Toughest decision for a blogger to make on a weekend is a bottle or draft. I chose draft, after all who doesn’t wishes to spend some time scribbling a post that could land him up a luxurious stay in ITC, soon enough.

Courtesy the motivation provided by  ITC and Indiblogger, I, along with my flatmates have just completed making arrangements for a party, planned for this weekend. After all it is Friday, everyone’s second best F word. (Facebook is on the top of the list, not what your dirty mind were thinking :P).

Quoting Bill Watterson “Weekends don’t count, until you spend them doing something stupid.”   hence we all decided to throw a party for our friends who would be visiting us tomorrow (You know, it is the most insane that low wage IT professionals could ever get,  A party without any reason).It’s still pretty unsure that how our well laid plans and preparations are going to turn up, still all us,self proclaimed “Party Managing Brainiacs” came up with a lot wacky ideas in a last couple of hours, which I decided to compile here:



There were several suggestions in this segment ranging from a open rooftop party to a camp-fire based party down in the lawn of our society. (Since in our society, we have 11 floor-ed buildings, location choices were diverse). After hell of  a heated discussion and a  few empty coke bottles thrown on each other, we finally agreed to take the party under the starry sky on the roof of the building, with tents laid out around the corner, for the after party sleep. 


Adding to the celestial experience would be classical music (read jazz,rock, instrumental and other music genres, which came up during our World War-3, are still being debated and I can’t recollect now). Some swinging chairs have also been arranged, courtesy innumerable contacts of one of our “stud”  friends, which will be complementing the shining city lights.


Since the view from the 11th floor would be serene and stupendous, so a decent ambiance is also must. Décor needs to done beautifully, and as per the suggestions made: blue-green neon lights would be greeting us; and with ample seating all around, it would be like replicating the goan atmosphere.


It’s drizzling here since past two days, so with the hopes for same and cool breeze: which is characteristic of  height, the experience would surely be refreshing. A great part of any event is how well the ambiance holds people together, with retro style music and such delectable aura our party will definitely be hard to resist. The best idea that came out of an hour long mind churning was to use a combination of candle light and glass to pump up the adornment.


Food :

Ask not what you can do for the party, ask what’s for dinner. This is what exactly happened during most our discussion. Food , Food and Food…. Menu deciding was the hardest aspect of this party, and what was even harder was figuring out that who would eventually cook it in such a short span. Besides that, choosing from Veg/No-Veg/Fat/Low-Fat constraints were exhausting. I made the suggestion of having the grill and  open air barbecue, but thought of god’s own shower added to our food troubles.


 In this time of crisis, when mismanaged food arrangements would have created a mess, came ITC’s “Heat and Eat” dishes as relief. These heat and eat dishes are developed with an intent to make healthy eating both flavorful and convenient. We decided to order the dishes from Kitchens of India Website online and cook them according to the need of  hour.  

For the drinks, the choices made were: Mango Mastani, Chocolate Shake and Kokam Sharbat, while for main course meal Paneer Darbari, Vegetable Biryani and Dal tadka were decided, with Mango Garlic chutney and Apple Cinnamon Conserve as sidekicks. Desserts form an indispensable part of any treat, so we people agreed upon Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa and Hazoori Petha Halwa as our sweets for the night. Luckily, we also found desserts as a part of our online shopping venture. All Credits to : Kitchens of India. Hope that, these dishes end up being a feast for our senses.

 Chacha Chhole Bhature 3 (1)


This post is a part of My Weekend party contest written in association with Indiblogger. Do visit for a wide range of ready to eat dishes : Kitchens of India.




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