(Serendipity) : My entry for the Get Published contest

How frequently does it happen that you wake up at 11 for a 10:30 am bus and still manage to catch it, hardly in these overcrowded chaises brimming with detest full creatures, you ever find a space to fit your ass in. But when you lucky enough to manage both on the same day, you know it’s a manifestation of escape from tedium, you know its one of those days when everything around you presages something remarkable.

 It was in this commotion that a fragrantly smelling cuddle some “F”( 20 or 22 perhaps), with enigmatic blue eyes, killer curves, and a smile cute enough to make snow-white  jealous, entered through the front door and all of a sudden the entire chaos was pacified, the multitude was lost in her smooth untangled hair and She was the object of desire for every single “M” in the compartment. “Meenu“-the key chain on the lustrous shopping bag read.

Coming back to the senses, after being lost to that smell that was made ubiquitous by her entry, i returned back to the third quarter of book in my hand, which i was resolute to complete. A few minutes passed, Irwing Wallace was compelling enough to make me immerse back in his work of fiction. Aroma still filled the surroundings, but the thoughts of the charming lady were gone, mesmerized first by the book, then by that work of art and then again by the piece of literature in my hand, i was happy with the beginning of the day. I plugged in my ipod, disentangled the wire and tuned to the playlist that read favorites.

“Do you mind if I sit here”.

“Excuse me…. I am talking to you. Can’t you reply me back….”

Shocked, flabbergasted and fascinated at the same time i looked up from 10th last page of “The Almighty” and realized that the faint voice mixing with the Adele was of the pretty lady smelling  lily.

Mesmerized, i looked in her eyes, sparkling emerald they were.

“Are you going to Shimla ?” asked the amorous damsel.

“Yes…yeah. You too ?” I replied excitedly.

“I couldn’t get the train ticket due to my brother’s laziness. I tell you he is such a pathetic person, i can’t rely on anything done in time by him. I was to leave with our “famous five” girl gang yesterday and now i am not just a whole day late but stuck in this moron filled bus.” the loquacious voice uttered.

“Do you mind if i sit here” ?

It was simply a matter of sheer luck that the seat adjacent to me was the only one unoccupied.I knew from the beginning that today wasn’t like the every other day. It wasn’t the beginning of always but of something new and better which was going to be cherished for long.

Partly enchanted and partly overjoyed i told the verbose “F 20-22” that it would be a pleasure to have her as a company for the journey. Have i mentioned she smelled “Lilies”. 🙂


Please Promote this idea of mine, here:  . I may get published. Please !!!!!

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


16 thoughts on “(Serendipity) : My entry for the Get Published contest

    • **Einstein**
      College mein pass hona mushkil ho gaya hai and you saying Einstein….
      A week perphaps… End sems going on.

      A fiction inspired from a real incidence 😉

  1. awesome yaar…I always dreamt of writing something like this but never had the courage to do so..you have inspired me…waiting eagerly for the next part..keep up the good work bhai 🙂

    waise sacchi hai kya koi :-/ ?????

    • Seriously, ab mein Gsoc vale bade logon ko inspire karne laga hun. Aise din aa gaye kya 😛

      Will catch you on chat for that question 🙂

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