Biking: The Eternal Bliss

An ode to passion, An ode to joy, An ode to swim, An ode to fly.

A reason to live, a reason to cry, a reason to travel, a reason to touch the sky.

It is a Beethoven symphony for some, soulful music for others, for some it is a dream to chase,and a dance of ecstasy for others.

The spring is here again, and with spring, back is the spirit to set yourself free, to conquer the wide open highways, to ride your obsession, to feel the machine underneath you.

A passion for biking is really something hard to describe, it is something that is such a part of your life, it’s something that you need much like air or water. They are those magical moments when it’s just you and your machine and you feel the motion and power of that dash, untamed spirit to fly, when subconscious takes over all your senses, and you escape from the everyday’s mundane existence. It’s a joy inexplicable in words, an unbearable thrill of being your own self, a sensation which only two bikers can understand.

Catching up with newer roads, broader streets, being a desperado and just riding and riding for no other reason other than the bliss of being with your beloved bike .  Call it the love for your mean machine; call it the roar of your untamed dragon or name it the hustle of the gears and chains, but make the romance with your bike come true this spring.

Those who have felt this knows that you always share a bond  with the machine. When you get too close to it, you understand that it is not just a bike but rather a living being of its own, with its own feelings and emotions. That is the reason why “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” is probably written. 


# This is written for The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest.

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4 thoughts on “Biking: The Eternal Bliss

  1. Thanks for the visit Sumeet, sometimes I wish was not so lazy I would actually have an online group for bikers.

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