Movie Review : The Pianist

A rabid tale of pianist Szpilman’s rueful escape from rampant nazi persecution;a dissertation of his struggle to survive,to conciliate with his loss of  everything. Pianist is not a mainstream heroic battle and survival movie but an obstinate callow fight to be alive. A constant search beseeching just for food and water;maintaing his equanimity in the midst of lonliness, hunger and being awake just for the solictude of watching himself becoming a vile, minuscule existence in front of his own eyes.

Cinematography of the movie induces a ghastly effect with just a withered person alive standing besides a myriad of fallible buildings passing through ordeal of not being able to save his beloved ones. The movie goes back down the memory lane of Szpilman several times, mortified by his existence he passes through self realization ending up with an imaginary piano and his hands flowing accross it producing a mellifluos music. The movie traces his transformation from a passionate music lover to a stoic who stops feeling the pain of reason and of those several atrocities he continously passes through.

Towards the end,he escapes to his life by the reverance of a Nazi offcier who hears the music of his soul which he continues to play until his death two years later.


# It was a fine day.

# 140 pages more to go. “The Almighty”

#Labtest Tomorrow. Have to study.

#I am 21. And its a not a coincidence that it’s half of 42 😛

#Song of the day : Ye mera diwanapan hai .

# Tchao !!!!


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