Book Review: Lolita

Reading Mitostargazer( Phaedrus Within) publishing a saga of book reviews one after another, has finally made me penitent for not reading enough. Left with a feeling of dejection, which lately arosed from not updating my blog as frequently as others, I decided not to abstain,waiting for that natural blog post to happen, rather have chosen to pen down book reviews. The forecoming posts are not going to be flamboyant ; filled with satire or comical expressions but placid once, with a confined scope purposely restricted to the theme without any gibberish.



Lolita, the modern classic, is infamous enough to avert any stereotype and was definitely a wrong choice for me at this early stage of my “journey to classics”. The content is pathetic, obscene enough to be digested by anyone. Though, as I read a few more of these lately, it doesn’t took much time to conclude that “No modern fiction is complete without these explicit scenes described in lengths greater than actually required”.

Anyhow,the scintilating flow of the language by Nabokov is awe-striking. Such a good conrol over English, despite Russian being his vernacular definitely demands respect.Strength of the eloquence and the lively use of imagery at times become subtle enough to comprehend.  The plot is a chase of the main character “Lolita” and his step father all across the east just for the sake of their survival. Going any further in the plot won’t just ruin the reading experience but would also make this blog blocked,at least in our college  😛 😛

Analyzing it holistically, the only statement that strikes me is that it is a “funny serious thriller” to be read once, criticized twice and never in one’s lifetime recommended to anyone. Commendation for the elusive piece of literature is also enough to compete with the renounciation it has faced lately. Incase, you want to read “The Satanic Verses” after the controversy that recently came into light, and are unable to lay your hands on it, then it’s a perfect substitute.


# I hate writing book reviews. Its tedious and monotonic. 😦

#Are you thinking that my vocabulary has shown significant improvement since last 6 months?

#No, I was referring to my MBA wordlist the entire time 😛 😛

#Incase you are flattered by this boring post, leave a comment about what should I focus more on, while writing book reviews or any specific book you would recommend me to read.

# Deathnote and Modern Family – Season 2 running in parallel.

#Will I be able to sing “XL ki kudiyan very vey smart”, in its campus ?

#Only time will tell……… It’s a novel by Jeffrey Archer  😛 😛

#Tchao !!!


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