This one goes for all the first years who wanted to know what college is all about and are constantly bugging entire H-3 to answer for them and for all others who have enjoyed it all.

A few general questions-:

1. Why are they ragging us ?

 Ans:  It’s not ragging, trust me on this. It simply isn’t.

2.How much do we need to study?

Ans: You don’t need, at least not now.

3.We are getting bored.

Ans: Go explore, Its College, you can’t be bored.

4.How many nearby places can we go for fun?

Ans:At least visit all floors of Shipra first.

5.Should we join any of these clubs in college?

Ans:That ain’t a valid question. It is the one thing you are going to regret rest of your 4 years, if you don’t.

6.Is laptop necessary?

Ans: Would you spend 120 bucks in JAM every Friday, 3 times a day. There is a better answer to this question beyond the                             scope of this public blog. 😉

7. Who does a senior refers to when he talks about ‘minor’ ?

Ans:You are not 18 yet, they call you minor 😛

  • Don’t judge people in college. I was wrong almost every time.
  • You can love a lot many people in lot many ways.
  • You can know everything and still score lowest in batch, vice-versa holds as well.
  • You were best in high school. So what? Its college.
  • Many people will change, many won’t. At some point of time, you’ll hate both.
  • Be around those who are better than you, there will be plenty and they will be the ones who’ll make you what you will be.
  • Never say you “Think”. What all will be going through your mind in the coming years, is what “Thinking” is.
  •  Way2sms.com. After google and facebook its going to be your third bookmark.
  • First D in the grade sheet would make you cry. Just the first one 😉
  • You will remember your first “mass bunk”. Many would follow, and then the definition of the term will change.
  • Be nice, but not much. You’ll pay heavily.
  • There would be a girl very close to you and won’t be your girlfriend.
  • Never leave your Facebook account open. A series of comments on your changed relationship status will follow.
  • Your freshers – Learning to play the guitar would seem cool.
  • You’ll get up early in morning for a week (a month in rare cases).
  • Travel as much as you can. Click photographs as much as you can. Even after 20 Gb collection, you won’t be satisfied.
  • Clubs are fun.They seriously are, especially if you are a part of CICR.
  • No matter what, you will always hate your mess.
  • I saw India winning the World Cup in Audi. It was awesome !!!
  • Hot Girls exist. If you can’t find them, what the hell are you doing after dinner.
  • Home will be a great place to visit.
  • Milk in the mess which is supposed to be till 9 am would vanish by 8:50.
  • Physics is going to be the real maths, maths is to be learned and in Economics, final answer is all what will matter.
  • That it would still be possible to be alone, when surrounded by friends.
  • Most of the education would happen outside the classes.
  • You will buy more fiction than your course books in first year, you won’t buy course books in second, you would buy none in third, google and seniors have everything.
  • Drugs available will be of more variety than you knew. There exists a list beyond weed, bong and LSD.
  • You can trust anyone. Just don’t make it more than you have on your own self.
  • The best of the trips would be unplanned and will make you meet the most awesome people you never knew existed.
  • Many things will end suddenly, much like this post.

        Tchao !!!


34 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. OMG!!!!! you mentioned each & every thing ….really it’s amazing ….you have remembered all those things …..awesome …keep it up!!!!!!

    • Thanks… 🙂
      btw it would be so nice of you if you could just put your email id while posting comment, if you don’t want to reveal your identity to everyone, that ain’t visible to anyone except me.

  2. @ 4th Anonymous, Rathi, Sonam – Thanks a ton to all of you. It was so nice of you to have read it and really it feels great to receive so many commendations. 🙂 🙂

  3. really sumit…..fantabulous piece u’ve written… i suggest u to send it chicken soup o sumthn… u alwayz write thngs which we’ve all been thru or get to face in sum point f life…:))

  4. A real awesome post man, so many things enlisted which bring back my college memories. I had my farewell a few months back, this post makes me miss it so much. Glad to read such a piece of work early morning 🙂

  5. The piece is best only when you read it either early morning or late night…
    Rest of the times all of it its just happens everyday….
    Probably these memories are what’s going to remain… cheers!!!!

  6. wwoahh!!! amazing description given almost for evrything..i myself need to catch up with a lot of stuff which i havnt done yet!!:))

  7. @Apoorva- Thanks for your appraisal 🙂 🙂
    I don’t think you need to catch up with anything, its like it happens when it happens…everyone’s life has their own pace.It’s more important to enjoy the whole process 🙂

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