Finally fotoshop :P


# If you can’t write, you can still “fotoshop” 😛 😛

# The best time-pass for a  workless intern. 

# There’s another cool thing to do this summer… “Cryptography”… Actually the name is cooler than the thing itself 😉 

# You can click on the image, for full size view and use it anywhere without copyright, i never knew how to type © sign, while designing. 

# Num lock on + Alt key + type 0169 for that copyright symbol. Crap !! Never knew it would be that complicated.

# Tchao !!!!


10 thoughts on “Finally fotoshop :P

  1. understood 2day, wat a simple picchaa cn acually say/depict !!!!! still hs a lot 2 learn 😛
    gr8 wrk indeed 🙂 hwz u???? nd hwz lyf going ???? wat abt ur result ???? i hope its gud…. 🙂

  2. Don’t tell me I am teaching u something… 😛 😛
    I m fine, holidays are going nice after all there is no place better than home. Result.. that wasn’t fine, things not working in academics from quite sometime. Hope they’ll next sem.
    U tell how ws urs ?

  3. @kid — Better reply with title “anonymous”, at least i won’t get happy about receiving comments somewhere from the internet. Or specify your email id so that owner of the blog gets to know who actually you are through the blog itself not via a phone call 😛
    btw thanks and keep whole of my mind if you can handle all what’s inside it 😛 😛

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