Change– The only Constant

Home… if heaven exists on earth, then it is here…it is here…it is here.

No fear, No compulsion, No Panic, No Worries, No Pains…

Cause there resides a woman on whose lap you can still sleep forgetting all your troubles. Cause there exist a super-man, a hero who is always there to protect you from the evils.  It’s a place which still surrounds those teenagers you once traded pokemon cards with; the very same one from where flashing lights on the highway are visible, even now.

There still exists that park in the neighborhood with the very  same swings you once rolled on (though my favorite one is broken now…yet, never mind :P), that tree at the street end also remains intact and same remains the taste of that guava that still hangs there.

The game of “hide and seek” remains the same, its only the players who have changed. The innocence on the faces remains the same, though some of those faces have changed.

Yes, it’s ain’t a question anymore. Things are changing, so are people and probably so am I. The more you want to avoid this change, the more it returns to you. At times, it becomes really difficult to analyze that whether this change is good or bad… But, one thing’s for sure, that this change is the only constant.

There is no point in forcing people to remain when their heart has already left. It may take many people away from you but at the same time it rewards you with many new once too. Probably, this is how it was suppose to end or probably it is a new start. It all depends on the viewpoint.


Same are the issues to fight on, it’s only the people that changes….

Butterflies in the garden remain the same, the flowers they dwell upon changes…

Smile at the evening stroll remains the same, walking sticks are the once which changes…

Books in the library may remain the same, it’s the readers who changes…

The trumpet of victory remains the same, people who blow them changes…

Cricket remains the same, playing 11 is what changes…

Same are the issues to fight on, it’s only the people that changes….


  • The post is written for indiblogger’s Time to change contest.
  • Song of the day: The burden is mine… alone by Green Carnation
  • Lie to me: Season 1 over, wish I would got other too. Never mind, Fringe’s next.
  • @Koi(My wordpress theme owner) – You are soon going to witness world’s best CSS. Yes, i have nearly learnt it.
  • Second last line of the post clearly shows that World Cup has restored my interest in cricket.
  • Evs Project trip was a real fun. Three idiots vali scooty, Udaipur ka kila, flyover par cycle stunt, Low floor bus, Sunsan Melange…. Credits: Siddhatha Ghai. P.S: I still don’t have what was needed. 😛
  • If you are free now-a-days then try messing up with your boot loader, it’ll teach that grub rescue doesn’t work the way terminal does + how to make a bootable pendrive , + in case you have a super-mom like me then it can also lead to some nice cookery lessons. 😉 😉
  • Tchao !!!!!

6 thoughts on “Change– The only Constant

  1. U forgot the black-sand “landfill” with no trash, no land, only water.

    BTW, Awesome article, absolutely worth the time you took to write it. And it is true, change is the only constant; so thanks for the thesis on “Parivartan Sansar Ka Niyam Hai”(Hindi). 😛

    Keep Writing!

  2. @ Siddhartha — Udaipur ka kila tha aakhir, trash se polluted kaisa ho sakta tha 😛 :P.
    Thnks 4 ur appreciation. Hope that this thesis features in some of the research paper 😉

    @Easy — Don’t know which words of mine motivated u, yet it felt nice to hear. In case you are still looking for it, do read this my friend :
    In the end, remember one thing there are many things than can inspire you, but you are the only one who can keep yourself inspired.

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