It’s March 6, 2011 when I am writing this, just after wishing two of my friends, the beginning of their 20th spring. I am at home … after almost a month, thinking how quickly things have changed, dadi’s health has shown significant improvement since last time, though it still gets 9 pm when papa reaches back home from work. Yet, things are stable over here.

Today I am 19 but by the time this post will make its way to blog, it would no longer be the same, I won’t be a teen anymore now.

In span of a week, I have aged a whole year. 20 is that magic number that has defined me as an adult, it is the time to understand the responsibilities and live up to them. It’s the time to figure out what actually I want to make of my own self and work towards it.

Hope that flavor of life doesn’t vanish in the process and a bit of childishness makes its way here and there.

Watch out life…..  From now on either you are going to be very boring or really worth living.

A very happy birthday to me…. 🙂 🙂


# I am the first one to wish myself, yes….this is a forward post.

# T-2 starts from today. 2 papers on my b-day… never expected a better gift.

# This section of blog has nothing more to be written about.

# No new song, no Season, no outings, nothing….. Just peace.


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