The Warrior Of Light


It happens several times in our life that we can’t decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Those times when you make choices, mostly wrong ones. Not once, but those same mistakes again and again …..

Every step that you take seems to be in a different direction than what it was supposed to be. Suddenly, one day you wake up from a bad dream to find that people around you have changed. You criticize things (read people). You sit down, and remember that good time has passed away from your life. Trying to be your own self becomes harder that it seems. You feel like being caught up between your lies and how the truth gets in the way.

You start seeing the truth in your lies and everything you ever had faith in, seems doubtful. You realize that what have remained of your life are just the pieces, broken pieces. You know that you are going to be alone, alone with all your secrets and alone with all your regrets. Your hands and knees seemed bruised and you return to the eternal question that has bothered you from ages….


“Who am I”???  


You are the “Warrior of the light”…………..

What makes you so?

It’s the spirit that lies inside you which tells you to stand up and fight again. It’s the feeling that resides somewhere deep in your heart which says that winning or losing a battle never matters, what matters is how the war ends. It’s the inner voice that wakes you up at midnight and says “No, it’s not over yet”. It’s the dream that teaches you that more than once you have wasted your time fighting for a lie, and have suffered for wrong people. But, it would never – ever happen again. It’s the wind that blows in your ear the message that don’t waste your time judging people, otherwise you won’t have time to love them. It’s the hope that emerges as the light across the tunnel and transforms into faith. It’s the morning star, which states that good time always existed; they were just some dark clouds around. It’s those pieces which shout that we may be broken, but we are all still together for you to gather and to bank. And it’s the light that teaches you that you are not alone, you never were. The light always remains…and this light is what makes you the “Warrior of Light”………


# The mist on my blog is finally cleared 🙂

#With new theme, new name, new comic strip, its feels lively again.

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# 5 more codes to go …. Algo lab…. Yes, I have made 1  🙂

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# Tchao!!!!

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16 thoughts on “The Warrior Of Light

  1. hey sumit, waiting 4 dis frm sch a long……..ue words really creates magic, dis is truly very inspiring, “Warriors of light” ,wow …..awsm …r d wrds to describe dis nd i truly agree dat good times remains olways wid us ,its jst dat its overshadowed by greyness(negativities) bt den i think dat” if we did not smtimes taste of adversity den prosperity wud nt be so welcum”… its d indispensable part of ur lyf nd one who does nt let his/her faith nd trusts shaken in ne condition emerges out to be victorious in dis game of LIFE……..
    nd 1 thng more d enhanced version of ur blog is olso vry nyc…..Let u be happy nd contented fr eons to come…..:)

  2. 🙂 hey…it wz really nice…held me throughout, u selectd apt words fr d piece… dis z d second tym u writtn a post on loneliness… I’l suggest u to write on some lively topics, which must bring smile on readers face, consolin n thinkin +ve regardin ny situation z gud at tyms, bt ppl get tired of being gud…u knw next tym jst tell hw to deal wd it in an opposite manner…:p If i compare dis to myself…m nt at all alone…hv got skul frnz…clg frnz…u…to share my stuff… The prblm z being struck wd d wrong ppl….dominating, stubborn, egoistic, takn me fo grantd…n too much immature…. No mattr hw much u adjust wd them…they jst stay indiffernt… Temme hw to deal wd such ppl… N dun suggest those guddy guddy things….;)

    • I think i have already told you why i m unable to write on lively and good themes. Anyways, will try to remember it from the next time.
      Agree with you on that we get tired of being good. Even i m feeling so now-a-days. when people take you for granted, a lesson should definitely be taught to them.
      P.S: This post is not on loneliness. The one u are talkin ’bout was a guest post. 😛
      I can’t give you a life lesson on like how to deal with such ppl, all what i can say is that “Trust a person to the very end, in the end either you’ll have a very good friend or a very good lesson” .

  3. aaahhhh…..the warrior of light….

    This book has been constantly with me since my last three college years….never parted from it once. And gifted it to a close friend as an apology for something wrong i had done. Since then missing it sorely.
    And today looking at your blog, stumbled across this post. Got back my inner light 🙂
    It’s amazing to see you writing about this, man!

  4. Seriously, the warrior of light is exquisite. It is incomparable. Whenever i feel low, it is the only source of motivation, i provide myself with and without failure it works again and again.

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