Wings of Freedom

It’s 15 th of August and I wish “Happy Independence day” to all my readers (in case u people still exist).

Now, what I wished you, is all what I have heard since morning. Yes indeed, what else were u expecting today?  After all it’s the day when Jawaharlal Nehru said those golden words 63 years back, ohh sorry.. I think it was 64. Never mind, at least I know that it wasn’t 60 springs back (You know what I meant, if you saw the tricolor waving in our college today).

When I woke up in the morning, there were around 5 e-mails and a couple of text messages wishing me today’s occasion. Since then I am pondering over my interpretation of Independence.

After laying quite a lot of pressure on my mind, I came up with some really non-interesting and super boring conclusions…..

I don’t think that talking patriotism 2 days a year or having discussion on what “XYZ” did for India 64 years ago makes me an independent citizen of so called “Independent India”. Neither does sending patriotic songs on IP messenger. Your presence in the flag hosting ceremony doesn’t make u a free bird either. After all that nice breakfast which followed it, was the only reason u attended it.

P.S.– I have not made any arbitrary hypothesis in my last statement, it is very well supported with the fact that nearly half the hostel was asleep again at 11, thanks to awesome jalebi, dhokla and pakodi.

After checking mails, I switched to fb to find something that could take this feeling of ‘being unpatriotic’ away from me, at least for today… cause I know it won’t arise again till 26 th January. 😛

And guess what I saw, Countless status messages about independence and countless + 10 tagged images of Indian flag… nearly everyone in my friend list had an update and they all said that they were free.

Now, after seeing that I have stopped giving pain to my mind and have simply accepted the fact that, all what it takes to be free and independent nowadays is an account on Facebook.

Yes, this post is a sarcasm, on everyone… me, you, and especially on our addiction to facebook.

i am chained

free me not…

oversee my pain

sympathize not…

let the darkness prevail

illuminate not…

its your perception which has made me so



Poem’s copyright :  Vaibhav Ahlawat



# The post doesn’t carries any meaning, incase u still interpreted something, do let me know in the comment section of the blog.

# Recommended Read : ‘ The Village By the Sea’ , Author : Anita Desai

# Song for the sane: Lithium By Nirvana, Recommended with lyrics

#Enjoyed yesterday’s MUN a lot…

# Big Bang Theory season 2 … approaching its end. 😦

#A very Happy B’day to u ..Akarsh. Enjoy the day !!!!!


9 thoughts on “Wings of Freedom

  1. well you are being too skeptical buddy…
    Our problem is that we perceive that the situation is grave and we define patriotism accordingly.What we need to understand is : its not the time of war, neither we are under foreign domination ..our viewpoint of patriotism should be above violence or so called revolution, it should be more constructive, something more creative…
    REVOLUTION means CHANGE but we are struck with the idea of revolution defined 64 years have changed since then and so should we..
    Patriotism according to me is doing what my heart says because thats the best way in which i can serve my country.; Its paying homage to my motherland whenever i can, in whichever way i can..if it comes through fb 2 days a year then let it be but the source should be my Heart. If i get satisfaction by doing so, if my feelings for “my country” remain alive by doing so then i see no better way to be patriotic…

    The thing is that we are in a good country which is a legacy of all those who have died for it and its US who’ll make it even better by LIVING FOR IT


    PS: really don’t know what i interpreted of ur post or my comment is in accordance with it or if sm1 will be able to interpret wat i intend to say…i jst wrote wat i felt

    and thank u for including my words in ur super famous blog!!!!

  2. Excellent expression once again…!! Accordin to me, the sarcasm in ur post is justified…. Patriotism is an emotion which can be generalised as a feeling of pride and honour towards one’s country…. And one is proud of something if and only if that particular thing has been doing well and achieving results constantly…. But, it is not true with our nation…. The same old problems still exist and have only increased in our country… So, the question of being proud of a country as this is more close to fantasy than reality….

    Recommended read: (an article by Karan Thapar):

    • As always…. Suyash supports me even this time. Thnks buddy 4 being there and constantly promoting me to blog more often.
      I think whatever u said about patriotism is what the present situation of our nation is, everyone is proud of india only for 2 days a year.. thats it . For rest of the 363 days, all what newspapers publish, all what people talk is what probably the reality is.

      Read that article. Man….. FELT IT from the heart. !!!!!!!!!! simply gr8!!

  3. umm…..poem wz really nice…
    n abt ur blog…….i dnt really got wt r u tryin to say… seems more of complain than sarcasm….:\

  4. hey… i do agree wid sm of ur frnds above dat u were more of complaining….patriotism is definetly doing nethngg,newhere,netym 4 my motherland whether it is done only 2days in a year bt wid real respect nd responsibility… moreover it’s said dat “magnificience of a pearl cn only be appreciated when it hs been prized out of an oyster nd polished to perfection” , a similar pearl ws actually freed 64 yrs ago nd nw its a gem… I’m proud to be an INDIAN…:)

  5. totally got ur point bro……
    i was feeling the same when i saw dem, changing dere PP to indian flag…
    posting national anthems, n independence msgs…….
    do dey feel independent just for dat day……
    n frm whom dey r trying to feel independent……JIIT authorities?!?!?!?!?
    half of dem dnt even know how it feels to be indian……
    n still every1 is “proud to be an indian”…….:(

    PS–not to hurt ne1’s feelings……dere so called patriotism

    • @CRASH– Totally got ur point and accepted as well.
      I loved the fact that u brought college authorities into the scene. Really, sometimes their rules and regulations make me wonder whether i have still completed my schooling or not.

      Anyways a belated “Happy independence day bro”. Hope that u keep the spirit alive 365*24*7 !!!!!!!!! good luck 🙂 🙂

  6. Sorry everyone for not blogging and not even replying earlier…….. Hope u would understand… i know u all will.. Thnks in advance 🙂

    @ vaibhav– sabse pehle.. thnks a ton man for calling my blog “famous” and 4 writing such nice pieces of poetry that expresses even those emotions that words can’t … next, don’t u ever worry that whether people would interpret u the way u want them to. They would never. Every one has an unique identity and so is his thinking process, its more important to have ur own opinion on the issue, being wrong or right doesn’t matters till the time u express what u really feel.

    Our thinking may not match, yet i respect all your opinions and the way u presented them was commendable. Really awesome!!!!

    Though its a bit late(i think a lot by now) yet never mind “Happy Independence day bro”

  7. @ Surbhi Sethi & Hemant — I’ll say the same what i told vaibhav. U have ur opinion and i have my own. I won’t say that u are right or i am. I can only respect ur opinions, while still believing in my own.
    But still i would like to say 1 thing to u both. Pick up today’s newspaper and just sort out the news in 2 categories- developing india and dimnishing india, it won’t take u much time to figure out what i really meant.

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