The Bliss Of Loneliness…


This one is yet another guest post.                                                               

Written by —  Suyash Varma                                  

Sitting listlessly at the city centre bus stop, waiting for my bus back home, I was constantly arguing with myself that loneliness is a far better company than any friends or relatives. And I do not say this as a personal opinion or preference. Instead, I have been forced to arrive at this conclusion after a series of observations from those little but queer incidents that happen so very often to most of us, but are seldom given any attention.


Recently, I came across this page on facebook, called, “Let’s toss a coin; Heads – you’re mine; Tails – I’m yours!!”….. Precisely! It would have been so comfortable if life were this easy actually too. Alas! Some things are easier said than done. But, somehow, my mind twisted this quote to suit it to real life (and to this blog too!). I know that some of you might not appreciate my interpretation but if you address these lines to “loneliness,” you will see that you have breathed life and meaning to this innocent quotation. Whether it’s heads, or it’s tails, you will always have loneliness to accompany you if no one else. Isn’t it?



At times, I am surprised at my ignorance. There’s this loneliness which has always been with me whether I am with one or with many. It’s silent when I have with me one or more of you to give me company and it is vocal when I am all alone. But, it’s always there. So, coming back to my ignorance; there’s this loneliness which has always been with me and knows all my future plans and secrets and likes and dislikes and what not! And there’s me at the other end of good sense, who chews time and hesitates to decide who his best companion is whenever asked by anyone!


To some, loneliness is nothing but a state of mind, which comes and goes like gusts of winds. Whereas, for some others, it is so sharp a feeling that it gets to them even in a crowd. For such folks, and the remaining too, here’s something to think over:  


It’s such an ironical fact that when you find yourself lonely, you are not the only one… and yet you are THE only one… so very alone.


Love you, loneliness, till I find someone better…


Bon jour folks!!



17 thoughts on “The Bliss Of Loneliness…

  1. a vry fine addition to a very fine blog….reading the article makes u want to introspect how such small thing can leave a deep impact when u patiently think abt them……very well written!!!! keep it up!

    • vry nice post…vry deep thinking…vry gud improvent in Suyash’s english…London jaane ka asar hai….

  2. @Suyash– I have to say Very well expressed….
    Its quite easy to have feelings but to actually pen them down so wonderfully, is definately commendable.

    ” It’s such an ironical fact that when you find yourself lonely, you are not the only one… and yet you are THE only one… so very alone. “– this line simply touched my heart.

    The best thing i felt in ur post was the way u related a simple facebook page to ur feelings… There r manythings that have no relation with us but yet we feel connected… That is the best part about being humans 🙂 🙂

    P.S– Gaurav’s monster looks exactly like him… 😉

  3. Great thought on loneliness…

    U will agree that loneliness can be a Blessing or Curse…

    It all depends on yr perception about it…

    Keep writing such nice posts… 🙂

    rakesh dwivedi

  4. Very Well Composed..
    So V True..Loneliness Gives Us Tym For Much Needed Self-Introspection.
    Keep Up The Good Work Guys..

  5. i belive that the first duty you hve twrds u is to listen the inner voice of your’s ….itz an art n if learnt well it unleashes a creative force within u………..i feel immense pleasure to say tht itz a awesome post by u……….keep listening n sharing!!!!

  6. Really a thought provoking post!!! Indeed, is a fact that ur lonliness stays even when u’re wth other ppl! It stays intact within u and amplifies when u’re alone!

  7. now dis is sumthing……..:)
    i dnt really knw hw to xpress wt m gettin out of it……
    lonliness is sumthn dat we all hv been thru at some point of tym… itz quite connected to us all….mind me….this article deserves to b publishd in chickn soup……send a copy to them….

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