I took the good times, I’ll take the bad once too…

“Certaily there are Good and Bad times, but our mood changes more often than our Fortune”

 Past one week , I would say was not that gud to me… Without anyone’s genuine mistake, my laptop’s hard disk got crashed, tried nearly every single computer repair shop in the town to get the data recovered, moving from shop to shop in the blazing sun, but all efforts in vain. In the whole process I even ended up breaking my new cellphone too and even got a bit bruised.

 Every one said,what was the need for that , how important that data could have been, probably you could recover everything from friends when you reach the college…To all such consoling statements made to me, I replied by just nodding the head a bit and   giving them that fake little smile…

But inside it was like a gust of emotions flowing –those of self-regret, negativity, a lot of pessimism and by lot, I meant really quite a lot, it was like I didn’t received any call for 3 days, not even spoken to family , expressed my anger of god knows what, on many well-wishers .

But the hell why??

 What that damn I have lost… probably a 80 Gb movie collection many of which were not even worth watching, some 10-12 Gb of hindi and English songs which probably I  never even listened…( In the end it was only those 20 odd songs only I ended up with every time)… those series of naruto and deathnote… Some documents, project reports, presentations (They also would come back, thanks to gmail’s sent items), though there were some personal pics which are permanently gone but yet the felling I am having now is worse than it should have been…

 I have always been careless throughout my teens, i have broken a lot many things before, and by now, I am addicted to loosing, breaking and ruining up things but this time particularly i am feeling really hurt as if being dumped in a relationship.

Time heals all the wounds, but mine is just a bruise…yet its not getting healed has left me wondering, what name I should give to such a strange feeling…. any suggestions????



 PS:  I would be blogging with something more interesting than this soon.

PS:  No offences meant, all your comments are still welcomed…



6 thoughts on “I took the good times, I’ll take the bad once too…

  1. Its not that I m worried bhai, i know everything is going to be the same within just 3 days after i return ….
    Bas yar,pata nahin kyon vo feeling bahut buri aa rahi thi .. thats it 😛
    And yes, Ur robotics mail was really inspirational… Already started working on it….
    Apna cg fb par message kar dena and congrats in advance for gr8 peformance in this semester…

  2. I recently bought myself an external hard drive because there’s too much data (music and other things) for me to afford to lose. I have collected these things over the last few years and losing them would be a pretty big blow…isn’t it ironic how attached we get to our machines?

    • Agree to you Gurdit… it really hurts me thinking that how happy i was a year ago without any of that data, and now its loss has given me such a blow..
      So much attraction to virtual things and machines is really painful at times, but this is what life is all about… only when you loose something, then you understand its real importance 🙂

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