A Nostalgia Is Still Alive…

Another astounding year of my life passed, two awesome semesters ended, numerous new friendships got born, while the sands of time graved several old ones.

I am just 19, I won’t say that I have a great experience of life to say those things which philosophers write books about ,spend several of their years searching…and then researching…though i may not have gone through many such explanations of life but but yet i believe that it is simple enough to call life a journey….

A journey that begins with an infant’s cry, moves on with his stupid games  in  the mud, then that infant grows to a child with that hefty schoolbag over his tiny shoulders, unwilling to school… time passes by and in the life of that same schoolboy comes another day… all those strangers(he call friends) meet him for a last time, hug him tight and just before anything gets said  some unexplicable feelings  (he call emotions) takes him all over and all what remains is simply another strange feeling(this time named fear)…. the fear of not getting to wear that same old school-dress again, the fear of not having that bell for recess anymore, the  fear of not getting to see his first crush anytime again…..

But the journey of life never stops, it again moved on… that time also passed…There was another dress awaiting him in JIIT, probably even another crush,(though he still feels that there should be a bell for  lunch break here in college also, but never mind :P)…. Yet, somewhere deep inside his heart a nostalgia still remains alive, it still doesn’t vanishes, it still is in search for its suitable grave….(And the boy hopes that this nostalgia that the “Stupid Sumit” talks about, remains in all of your’s heart, though by now buried in some place too deep, but yet remains at some place… probably alive and still beating)….

Let me share all of mine and probably yours too, before they find their grave in the cemetery of my heart ( If they ever could do so….)

The nostalgia of that peculiar smell of sand you could get only on a rainy morning, of that sweet  fight with your mother for that bath from the god’s own shower, of that dance of victory in the rain and of that return to mother crying over those bruised knees…

The nostalgia of letting go that wrecked school bus and then saying to everyone  ”Ahh.. bus…..Naa. it  didn’t arrived, might be a holiday probably”, and nostalgia of burning crackers in the class, and then asking for the everyone’s support , in the name of “class unity”, or of that wait for that once in a week games period, and of that fultuu-masti with Acamma mam and then being thrown out for class for the same…..

We all seem to be going through a period of nostalgia at some point of time in our lives, and everyone seems to be thinking that yesterday was better than today.

But, I don’t think it was, and I would advise you not to wait for ten more years before admitting that today was great.  If you’re still hung up on nostalgia, like i was, sometimes back, then simply pretend that today is yesterday, just go out and have one hell of a time.

I don’t know, if any one of you reading this would call me insane for penning it all down, but no problem you can do so…..

I dedicate this post to Puneet Pannu mam in answer to the question she asked everyone in first PD tute… “What do you think life is, answer in one word”…. I wasn’t able to say anything at that time, but for now… mam this is my answer, i would call it a journey…though the explanation got quite strange or probably complex… but hope that  you will understand………


19 thoughts on “A Nostalgia Is Still Alive…

  1. Dear Sumit
    Thank u so much…you have actually humbled me. God bless u!
    You are amazing…how beautifully you have expressed what you feel about life…youu are just 19 but so much depth to you.
    I am sure you are going to achieve great heights

    • @ Madhur- thanks 4 co-relating yourself with the article… probably it was u and kittu in my mind only when i wrote that line… “nostalgia of burning crackers in the class, and then asking for the everyone’s support , in the name of “class unity”….
      I literally remember that incident when the rest of the crackers after the blast were stored in my school bag during the time of checking… 😛 🙂

  2. th8 ws sooo tochin .bhai …i cnt tell u!!!! those lines abt skul bus,crackers n class rum,nd specially abt acamma ma’am…made ol those momnts alive n my heart…actly i read it 7 times dude nd every time i ws readin….diffrnt thoughts wr cumin n my mind.. d whole skul lyf ws n frnt f my eyes….wid a feelin 2 go bac at th8 ‘holy’ place n restart d journey(playin football,atndin accama ma’am z clas,waitin fr break tym,fighti fr a patties at canteen,roamin around d campus n form f gangs……)….2day i realisd hw mch distance v hv covrd n dis journey f lyf……..hattts offf 2 u bhai

    luv u all(my class mates)

  3. hi…..it seems ur heart is brimming wid ol dose nostalgic moments wen u r idle & nthing 2 ponder upon…
    ur few lines made me remember of “the seven ages” of william shakespeare & made me remember ma class 9 eng class….
    thnk u so vry mch 4 made me feel so gud…
    on memories longfellow sayz ” and parting leave behind us,footprints on the sands of time”…… :-))

    • Quite true hemant… indeed i was quite idle and was thinking of what to do in these vacations when suddenly, i came accross an old class photograph, which arrossed all those nice memories of school life…
      Nice to see that everyone who read the post co-related something or other with his old school life… for you it was eng class…. some memories are definately to be kept alive forever in our heart 🙂

  4. hey sumit,

    thats really great!!!! the school memories are brimming up my heart………………. this nostalgia is truly unavoidable but rightly quoted the present is beautiful enough…… and thats what the life is………………….

    its like a small boat in an endless sea which is sometimes so calm and serene, and the albatross accompany you in your way, but sometimes its so rough that u r left with nothing but ur old memories to encourage u up……….the small boat swifts through all the way making its own course 🙂

    • @ Tarang- thanxs buddy, for reading the post….
      I give you an advice for free…. Start writting poems …. your comparission had a perfect imagery … that small boat and albatross were in front of my eyes on reading the comment….
      Really loved the way you wrote
      Hope we could a have a nice re-union of old friends when you return back… 😀

  5. @ Puneet mam- It was so nice of to have gone through the post and obliged it….
    indeed i m thankful to you on behalf of entire B-5 for that wonderful semester, we enjoyed with you….
    These memories are the only things that go along with us and later transforms into that ” nostalgia”…. Thanks a lot mam for all what we had learnt and for that awesome time especially in the pd tute… 🙂 🙂

  6. @kittu- WOW!!! u read the article 7 times…..
    I think you connected best with the post, whatever you wrote in the comment were probably my emotions exectuted in short…
    I truely realized why the people say school as temple…it is definatelly the most holy place for me, not just me but probably all of us who had ever been a part of our Alma Matter….
    I must admit that you were the most thrown out boy of accama mam’s class, indeed an achievement of its own kind, the one you could never ever forget in your entire lifetime….
    Missing u DMA and all of you my friends…

  7. Simply superb!! I am spellbound by the smooth and scintillating flow of these innocent thoughts from your pen and by the uncaring and undemanding way u have expressed them… While reading, it feels as if these thoughts have not been written… Instead, they are speaking for themselves… It’s as if you have given a tongue to them to speak for themselves…. Absolutely amazing!!

  8. hey sumit! i might nt have studied wid all u guys in d last 2 years f school life bt still really feel strongly fr wat u hv penned down. i must appreciate dat u indeed have expressed a really poignant expression f wat our school has given us & has taught us. all our teachers hav left an unforgettable mark on our lives – a special mention to ritu mam, acamma mam, & acamma mam. even after being in clg i still owe a big deal to my teachers who hav nt only taught us dere subjects, bt hav also bestowed lyf’s teachings on us. a big thank u to our mentors fr makin DMAites true DYNAMITES

  9. hey sumit finally i have started readin your blog after you constantly bugging me do so … nice one man keep up the good work yaaa still miss those times ……….still feelin good after that night’s phone conversation tryin to change thanx bro……..

  10. I was lucky to find this sumitnangia.wordpress.com site. Thank you for sharing this info. I find it very cognitive as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about.

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