I was’nt blogging for about past one and a half week or so…  it isn’t so that anyone of you will be awaiting my so called   “blogpost” but i yet feel  like explaining it , because u see the reason was related to projects and presentations… (Kabhi padai ki vagah se agar koi blogger blogging chod de, then it is definitely something strange).

Actually , i think that i should be searching matter for “Julius Ceaser” now,  our topic ….We got to deliver the presentation in 2-3 days ..HELL !!, i don’t even remember the day ;P

naa … leave it. Let ceaser rest in peace in his grave and my group mates work, while i m back with something new… This time i would call it “Abstract”.

The story starts a few days ago , i was sitting ideal, trying to figure out what to start with( when you have so many useless projects, u definitely need to figure that out)  and being completely confused,   choosed  to view one of those several wallpapers , I had in my collection titled “ABSTRACT”…

Then suddenly one of my friend who was just passing by , altering his so called “destination path” came  to me and said  “Sumit…Can’t you find anything interesting to put on your desktop”, and the other guy with him(even i don’t know who the hell was he…) said expressing his sympathy to me.. “I suppose you really need Kirsten Stewart wallpapers, get them from me on IP, u know my IP name na… its  *****.

I know sometimes things definitely go quite a bit abstract in my case (Believe me, still a pumpkin doesn’t look that bad on desktop) , but fine this is what i m . I enjoy myself the way i m …Every person in this world likes what he likes, there doesn’t exist any reason for that, Mona lisa’s smile has different meaning to everyone,  yet why do some people feel like imposing their choices on others…Like they are the only ones who know everything…There’s no point complaining.. leave it anyways….  its probably only the god might know the reason.

But there is one thing I definitely know… how to answer such people even without wasting energy to open your mouth…Very  simple … Open ur IP messanger, select that ***** and send him your 50 MB collection….of Kristen Stewart wallpapers…..

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13 thoughts on “ABSTRACT

  1. Excellent one this…!!!! You depicted how exactly the human mind’s flowchart (although there is no organised flow in any human mind) works… Keep on the good work…!!

  2. @Arpit– Mona lisa’s smile or as you said her sweet smile… has a mystery associated with it , indeed Mona lisa is in itself a mystery.. It’s a Da-vinci’s work.. presently kept in Museum of artifacts France… first thing still unknown is who the girl ” Mona Lisa” actually was.. second mysetry is that like u said her smile sweet.. every critic has quite different interpretation for her smile.. The most intresting part about the painting is that ” Her eyes would be looking just to you irrespective of the angle u see the canvas from”…

  3. @ suyash– Thanxs bro, I just wrote whatever i felt.. As I said in the post also…Every person likes what he likes, there doesn’t exist any reason for it.. It was ur choice liking it and all what i could do is nothing but respecting ur choice… 🙂

  4. Hey…..:)
    u seem to b quite irritated…..huh…
    Get ovr things as i say, ur frn wud feel d same if nybody interferes or taunts on his choice…..itz human nature to peep in wt othrs r doin….
    N yeah…..abstract is a real cool title….the pumpkin is lukin sexy too…..;)

  5. @Hemant–well said.. Though I did’nt thought much that way.. 😛

    @Surbhi–Ya , I was quite a bit irritated that day.. some days go really very bad…Liked ur point on human nature… very true.. though not all people xcept it…but it does happen…And Ms. Surbhi Sethi… don’t tell me u really tried “PUMPKIN” on ur desktop!!!!! 😉

  6. @Surbhi– Wow… I ain’t xpected that someone would ask for those particular ones…Nice to find that at least there are people who want go unconvensional at times…i m mailing them 4 sure…

  7. hey………..i chkd out those wallpaprs…
    really nice……infact i also hv many f them….but the ones u sent were completely different….liked those ❤ 🙂

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