Being Stupid…

After a tiring week , weekend is the only thing in the world  you  ask for. It is a usual Saturday afternoon, classes for today have ended (including that extra MATLAB one, which i quite “willing” attended) …After reaching my room, falling back on the bed was the one and the only thing in my mind. But god knows from where descended the thought, of checking my mail account. With that dilemma among the two things(to sleep or to start my laptop), I said to myself..Sumit.. it is just going to take a minute..Log into gmail , have a quick look and see how many more hits have you got on your blog..(Actually.. seeing an increase in my viewers, helps me get a better sleep every time)

But as it happens almost every time with me, it happened again… a nice afternoon nap is something god never grants me… The very moment i logged into gmail, i was pinged… And to my surprise it was someone with whom i had not talked  for about   two and a half or probably three years now…Even it took me quite a few seconds to recollect her face, which was lost somewhere in the crowd i had came across, since that time. And then with a burst of unexpilcable emotions and my unwillingness to chat at that very moment, I decided not to respond to that blinking “Hii…”

The mail,which I logged in for was still awaited, my blog’s statistics had not been posted yet, and the only other thing bothering me except that was that twinkling orange chatbox with that “Hii… 🙂 🙂 ” Continuing my conversations with god I said “Thats so nice of you , Mr. god… You can’t see me having a fair sleep at noon…every single day when i coudn’t have read the mail, I had it by this time. It did’nt arrived only today..  fine, no problem..I am waiting till it comes..In the mean time.. I chose to reply her back .”

Starting with that old monotonous style “how are u, where are you, any new gf and so on…Neither of us even got an idea that when in the chat we went discussing how it feels– loosing contacts with old friends, feeling of being alone , the word friendship loosing meaning to her, her transformation from a too extrovert  person who enjoys every moment of life to a person running away from everything, being invisible to avoid friends and so on and forth…

Forgetting my sleep, How the hell I could have involved myself in such a topic.. I m not such a fellow who could have helped someone out with such issues!!!

She seemed self contradictory to me… At one point she wanted to talk to her friends while at other she felt as if her friends are betraying her. Girls have always been a mystery to me, and I don’t think even Sherlock homes could have find out what were her real feelings at that time. I knew one  fact quite clearly that I have a very low Emotional quotient, so all what i did was that i listened to her very patiently, let her did most of the typing work in the chat and finally came up with a stupid suggestion which i definitely believe is not going to be of any benefit to her. After about 3 hours and nearly 800 lines of chat (comprising of enough philosophy I could have ever gone through), she thanked quite me a lot for just hanging around there and being so helpful to her. I don’t think that anyone would thank me that much(for about 50 more lines)  for just saying that  “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down” .

Some things which happen to us are quite strange , what’s more strange is the stupidity with which we react to situation and the most strange of all the things is that, someone still says thank you for being that … “Stupid”…


This one is written for indiblogger’s contest “Incredible Stories”

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9 thoughts on “Being Stupid…

  1. You’re really stupid if you think you were being stupid back there…
    I mean… Thats a pretty good philosophy(no matter where you copied that from)
    Keep up the good work…
    Keep chatting…

  2. i really don’t know what to say……..u actually counted the lines….!!
    well it was really nice of you for being a stupid…….that girl should have read it by now…..:P
    everyone needs time to get over things…n the girl might be doing the same……
    i will be awaited for ya next article…..:)

  3. Thank u, siddhartha bhai… for such a wonderful encouragement…
    And Ms. surbhi sethi.. what can i say.. nothing more than that “This article was specially dedicated only to PURPLE PEBBLE”

  4. hey….anther vry gud post….
    wat i feel is dat d real of conversation is nt only 2 say right thing at d right tym bt nt to say d wrong thing at d most tempting moment………..i think dis wat u tried during ur conv. & its works……

  5. Lol – been there, done that! (both in your position and as the girl who randomly pings ppl and asks questions about life…) 🙂
    reading this made me feel much better that, yes, ppl do exactly the same things as me and I’m not the only weird one out there…

    • We are all weird people doing weird stuff, earlier in life it used to be do it one on one with real friends/ strangers, but as we are growing up, facebook has taken over everything.

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