Life starts and stops one day,

All that happens through the way,

Stays forever in your heart,

Remains like this strange part,

That rolls and rolls in your mind,

Till internal peace you can find.

I remember my childhood days,

Filled  with laughter and tales,

Dolls and teddies and bats and balls,

Playing  forever till night falls,

NO TROUBLES- life was problem free,

No complexes bothered me,

I remember ma’s tender touch,

Putting me to sleep with her gentle hush,

Making me laugh,When I would cry,

Always there by my side.

I remember later being  a teen,

Life like this I had never seen,

My fate was but to cry,To my laughter I say goodbye,                                                                                                            

Tensions, fears and complexes grew,

I did not know what to do,

Anguish grew from much to more,

About myself I was never sure,

I remember feeling sad about

My parents screaming,

and I hearing them shout.

I remember- all good and bad

That was happy, now is sad

but the life goes on and forever,

My happiest  past I will always remember…….

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